4 Things to Check When Installing an AC at Your Home

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February 21, 2017
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February 21, 2017

air conditioning installation in Newberry FL

The climate conditions across the US vary quite a lot. During the winter, when some states are dealing with snow, rain, and cold waves, a few others are enjoying comparatively pleasant weather. The same goes for summer where the mercury soars sharply in some states, and you need proper air conditioning to stay cool inside your home. For example, the temperature in Newberry, Florida hovers between 52º F and 55º F during the winter. During summer, the average temperature gets around 92º F or more, which is pretty hot.

As dealing with summer is a different ball game altogether, you need an energy-efficient air conditioner to keep a cool temperature in your home throughout the day. Contact a reputable HVAC service provider for air conditioning installation in Newberry, FL. However, when choosing a contractor, keeping in mind the following things will help.


Reliability should be on the top of the list. To find a reliable HVAC service provider you can consult your family and friends, or browse the Internet and look for a company that has a proven track record. A reputable company can assist you not just with installation; it can also offer you regular servicing or maintenance to make sure that your AC unit runs smoothly. Beware of companies that shout about their service from the rooftop but fall short on service delivery. After all, your hard-earned money should not get wasted. Choose an AC installation and maintenance service provider that assists customers to solve both minor and major issues.

air conditioning installation in Newberry, FL

Installation Process

Learning about your HVAC contractor’s AC installation process is another important aspect. The installation process typically lays the base for all of your future use. If the process is flawed, it may snowball into bigger problems. For example, there are various parts of the installation that include ventilation and duct system, which should work perfectly for the AC unit work in a seamless manner. That’s why the previous pointer “Reliability” matters a lot. A credible HVAC contractor will install your air conditioner following all the necessary steps and after inspecting the current condition of your home to ensure cool comfort in the long run.

Licensed Service

Also, make sure you hire a licensed contractor, or else you risk handing over the critical task of installing air conditioner to a shabby and inefficient service provider. It’s always better to check the credentials of the HVAC service provider and the insurance certificate before the installation gets underway.


Undoubtedly, cost is another factor to look at. After all, you don’t want to shell out from your pocket to bear unnecessary expenses. It is advisable that you request an estimate or a quote well in advance. Too low or too high charges should ring an alarm bell. A reliable company will always offer quality service just in the right price range.

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