Advantages of Heat Pumps

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October 25, 2016
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October 25, 2016

Heat pumps assist your regular heating and cooling system to maintain a more comfortable temperature in the house. They work by taking the cool air out and pushing the warm air into your home when it’s cold outside. It does the opposite when it’s hot. If you are considering getting a heat pump, here are a few of the advantages of having one.

Lower Utility Bills

Heat pumps can reduce the amount of time your heating and cooling system needs to run to maintain the temperature you desire. It takes the pressure off the HVAC system and gives it a longer life. It also reduces your monthly bills.

Environmental Benefits

Heat pumps don’t put out CO2, which makes them better for the environment than other heating elements.

Humidity Control

Heat pumps can help normalize the humidity in your home during the summer months. Smaller doses of humidity goes a long way to making the atmosphere inside more comfortable.

Less Maintenance Concerns

Since the heat pump does some of the work for your air conditioner and furnace, the systems will last longer and need less maintenance. That will help save you money too.

Increased Resale Value

Having a heat pump in your house is a big plus to prospective home buyers. When you install a heat pump, the value of your home increases.

If you are interested in finding out more about adding a heat pump to your house, call Crystal Air & Water Inc to ask questions. We have been serving the Gainesville community, as well as surrounding areas, for a number of years and we can help you with any heating issues you might have. Whether you need a heater repair, a heat pump installation, a new furnace, or a simple checkup, we’re here to help. We also have emergency services available.