Air Conditioning Installation in Newberry FL

Air Conditioner Installation Service in Gainesville FL
June 30, 2016
Air Conditioner Service in Newberry FL
June 30, 2016

Trust the Air Conditioning Installation in Newberry FL

Crystal Air and Water Inc. believes in offering service excellence every time. We believe in customer satisfaction, responsiveness and offering professional service to each and every client. Due to our many years in the HVAC industry, we are able to offer outstanding services in heating, cooling and repair and maintenance of all HVAC units. We aim to assist our clients effectively and energy efficiently at all times. Crystal Air and Water Inc. offers specialized services for both home and office comfort in zoned air conditioning, indoor air quality, preventive maintenance and energy savings.


Our company offers superior, licensed services all year round. Our main focus is to ensure you have maximum comfort in your home, and save energy at the same time. We know how uncomfortable it can be to have a good night’s sleep during those cold winter nights, so why not allow us to make your heating system more efficient, so there’s no need to heap blankets and comforters on the bed at night. We also offer duct cleaning services. Whenever you use your heating and cooling equipment, dust, dirt, air contaminants, animal dander and pollen is pulled into the duct system. We offer effective cleaning services for your ducts, to keep it running efficiently all year round.


One of the main benefits of using this Air Conditioning Installation in Newberry FL is that we offer air conditioning finance. We offer you payment plans as well as rebates and energy savings that ultimately pay for your high efficiency system.  All paperwork is filed by us, so you do not need to lift a finger. Another great benefit of using our services is that we offer refrigeration repair services. We are able to build you a walk in freezer, ice cream freezer or various other custom made refrigeration systems.