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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Newberry FL

Machines need to be serviced after every couple of months of use. This helps to identify problems that may be developing in the system with the aim of repairing them to prevent future breakdowns. During maintenance, lubrication of moving or rotating parts is also done to reduce friction, which is normally to blame for wearing out of parts. Cleaning must also be done to keep parts of the machine in great shape at all times. When in need of air conditioning maintenance in Newberry FL, you can always count on Crystal Air & Water, Inc. for effective services.

Crystal Air Services

We offer routine as well as scheduled maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients in Newberry, FL, and the surrounding areas. We have been in the HVAC industry for years while our technicians have a lot of experience with AC maintenance. They are professionally-trained to service every single component of the air conditioner to ensure the whole system works flawlessly. During the maintenance service, our technicians will open up the air conditioner, both the air handler and condenser and inspect all the components, including electrical connections. This is to identify problems before the actual maintenance begins. The level of the refrigerant in the condenser will also be checked by our technicians. After the inspection, our team will proceed with the actual maintenance.

Dirt can lower the efficiency of the system, so all the parts of the AC must be cleaned. For instance, if the evaporator coil is coated with dust, it will not cool air efficiently due to heat insulation. On the other hand, the efficiency of motors can reduce significantly when dust finds its way into the device. After cleaning, the refrigerant may be recharged and air filter replaced. Our technicians will also check all electrical connections in the device before closing up the AC machine. Once we are done with your air conditioning system, you can expect it to perform more efficiently, quietly and break down less often.