Comprehensive Air Conditioning Maintenance in Newberry FL

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June 22, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Just like any other machine, an air conditioning system also needs regular maintenance. The AC tune up is essential to avoid small problems getting bigger. Regular servicing helps keep an air conditioner in top performing condition. It ensures the AC runs efficiently and consumes low energy. Maintenance of any air conditioning system is not an easy task. It requires extensive technical knowledge of all parts and components of the HVAC. Only a person trained in AC systems can handle such a task. Leave this job to professional air conditioning technicians of Crystal Air & Water, Inc. We provide all types of air conditioning maintenance in Newberry FL.

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep the air conditioner ready for the summer season. There are many moving parts in an air conditioner that undergo extensive wear and tear during operations. The maintenance helps find all flaws, defects and faults in the AC. Our technicians will check every part of the air conditioner thoroughly. They will check thermostat settings, tighten all electrical connections, inspect the condensate drain, lubricate all moving parts and inspect all system controls. The technician will check refrigerant charge, fan and compressor, condenser coil, capacitors, contactor points, blower, valves, seals, caps, blower wheel, evaporator coil, electrical wires and connections, filters, float switch and air grills, among other parts. Necessary cleaning, improvements, charging, lubrication and operations will be performed.

At Crystal Air & Water, Inc., we have different types of maintenance contracts to suit all requirements. You can go for an annual contract or call for maintenance as and when you need it. Take advantage of contract plans to save money on the regular maintenance of your AC. An annual contract helps you avoid high cost involved with this type of service. Under the maintenance contract, your air conditioner will be checked and evaluated for all types of problems. The maintenance service will be provided by trained and certified technicians. Call now at 352-505-7717 for any type of air conditioning maintenance in Newberry FL.