Crystal Air & Water Provides Reliable Heating Installation

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September 12, 2016
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October 25, 2016

For more than 30 years, Crystal Air & Water, Inc., has met the needs of residential and commercial clients who seek reliable heating system installation in Gainesville, FL, and surrounding communities.

Heating systems are complex mechanical units that require specialized knowledge for proper installation and maintenance. A good installation starts long before our certified technicians bring a new heating system into your home. If your old furnace, boiler or heat pump just isn’t doing the job anymore, you’ll benefit greatly from a new system that is much more energy efficient.

Proper Sizing is Essential

Contemporary heating units are much more energy efficient than those produced even just 10 years ago. Many have efficiencies that top 95%. However, if the heating system isn’t the proper size for your home or business, it will short cycle, or turn on and off frequently, thereby wasting fuel.

The first step in heating system installation is to perform a load calculation for your building based on Manual J, the industry standard to determine the amount of BTU’s needed for heating and cooling. This calculation takes into account other factors such as local climate, square footage of the building, number of occupants, orientation towards the sun, number of windows and more to come up with the proper sizing. Once sizing is determined, we’ll recommend units that fit your requirements.

Installation Affects System Operation and Life

How the installation is done affects how well the system operates from the beginning. Connection to fuel sources, proper venting and determining if ducts are airtight and have enough capacity also make a difference. Crystal Air & Water only uses qualified technicians familiar with the latest techniques to perform your installation, so you can rest assured that it will be done properly. Contact us today at 352-333-0460 for a free consultation and estimate.