Different Checks Under Air Conditioning Maintenance in Alachua FL

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June 30, 2016
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August 4, 2016

It is essential to maintain your air conditioner properly if you want to save energy and avoid repair problems. Call Crystal Air & Water, Inc. to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Alachua FL. Your Ac system will be cleaned and optimized for efficient cooling. The AC technician will clean all parts of your air conditioner. The professional will also perform different types of checks to find any developing problem. A professional maintenance service involves many tasks.

The air filter of AC requires regular maintenance. The air going inside the AC first passes through the filter. Over time, the filter collects debris and contaminants. The clogging blocks the smooth intake airflow and affects performance of air conditioner. Maintenance of filter requires washing it or replacing it.

Evaporator and Condenser
There is no need to use cleaning foam or water for external cleaning of evaporator and condenser. A vacuum cleaner and a specially designed fin brush will do the job. Using foam and water for cleaning these items is tricky and should be done only by a professional technician.

Drain and Condensate Pan
There are problems of clogging, flooding or moss formation with these AC parts. Dust and debris in the drain inlet should be removed. Water and detergent is used to clean condensate pan. It helps prevent formation of moss.

Refrigerant Check
There is acid formation due to excessive temperature rise inside the AC system. The temperature rise can happen due to insufficient lubrication. The problem may be with the refrigerant vapor. An acidity test helps find these problems. Our AC technician will perform these checks safely and take corrective measures as required.

No problem will be left behind in your air conditioner after our AC technician has performed maintenance service. We assure complete and comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in Alachua FL. We do not suggest unnecessary repair or replacement. Call Crystal Air & Water Inc. on 352-333-0460. Our technician will visit your place to perform all these and many more checks under the maintenance service plan.