Get odors and stuffy smells out of your home for good

Crystal Air & Water Inc.

When you invite friends and family into your home, you want to make everyone feel comfortable with an inviting environment. You can tell right away when you walk into someone else’s home if they have an unpleasant odor to their house. And your guests will be able to tell if something’s off when they walk through your door. If you’re noticing a smell already in the home, this article will help you pinpoint the problem and get it taken care of with natural solutions. If you want to avoid making your guests smell something undetectable to you, these tips will help remove the undetected odors from your home with ease.

Crystal Air & Water, Inc. is a community business that specializes in AC installation service in Gainesville, FL. We want our customers to experience the joys of homeownership. We’ll help you live in comfort with our skilled installations and help finding the right replacement AC. This guide will help make your home more enjoyable, too.

  1. Start with pet odors. We love our furry friends but get accustomed to their smell and forget it’s easily the most detected by guests. The best strategies for pet odor involve frequent vacuuming and regular air filter changes on your air conditioner. Get a Roomba or robotic vacuum to handle pet hair and dander in between times that you do the job. Find a model with an automatic scheduler and set it to go every other day. If you have several pets or a pet that sheds constantly, see if a daily setting will help. Secondly, change the filter on your AC or furnace every month. The filter will do a great job catching clogs of hair and dander, and trapping these odors from circulating the house. Once a filter is full, however, it can’t do it’s job and some of the hair and odors will escape past the filters into your ductwork. If you have a cat, changing the litter box daily and adding more litter will help. Grooming and washing your dog is also a big help.
  2. Fish smells tend to linger. Even when it’s been a few days since you last cooked fish it will linger around the house. Boil some water on the stove with two teaspoons of baking soda and a lemon peel after cooking fish to soak up the smell.
  3. Take care of stuffiness. Every few days, get a little fresh air circulating the home by cracking open some windows.
  4. Deal with musty smells in the basement. Must comes from too much humidity and moisture and can be a sign of mold. Run a dehumidifier to reduce musty smells. Spray a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a cheap vodka or rubbing alcohol into the air to absorb the odors and kill spores.

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