Heating Systems And The Environment

Heating System Tune-Up
November 17, 2016
Methods Of Heating
November 17, 2016

Heaters are devices with the goal or objective of producing thermal energy (i.e. heat) for the building or household in which they are installed. This can take place through central heating. A heating system  contains a furnace, boiler, or heat pump to steam water or air in a central region such as a mechanical room in a big building or furnace room in a household. The thermal energy (heat) can be moved through conduction, convection, or radiation.

How does a heater work?

The heating principle in all electric heaters is a resistor, and operates on the basis of Joule heating: an electric current flowing through a resistor will transform electrical energy into thermal energy. Standard applications are; cooking, space heating, industrial processes and water heating .

Environmental Effects of Your Heating System

  • Carbon Emissions: The extent of heating your home has great repercussions on the size of your carbon footprint. Carbon emissions have effects on the ozone layer and need to be decreased in order to reduce global warming.
  • Gas Emissions: Faulty heaters, cookers, or boiler equipment may emit gas and produce a serious pollution hazard which is dangerous to our health and the environment.
  • Pollution from Fossil Fuels: Our careless burning of coal, wood, or oil can pollute the air. Burning fossil fuels emits smoke which produces particles and dioxins that are very harmful to human health and detrimental to the environment and air quality.

Heating maintenance

Whether you possess a gas furnace, an oil, or electric heat pump, or any other heat source, having professional heating technicians service and maintain your heating system  will ensure that the equipment lasts longer while regulating energy-efficiency to reduce your energy costs. If the heating device in the household is not well maintained or managed, its safety and efficiency will be compromised.

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