How to get your home cheerful just in time for the Florida spring

Crystal Air & Water Inc.

Spring is on it’s way and it’s time to get ready. A light winter full of sun is what makes Florida the destination for retirees and snowbirds who winter here and summer in other areas of the country. Our state is truly a fun place to be, but we do get a warm and humid spring and summer each year. Check out these tips from Crystal Air & Water, Inc. to help get your family ready for a fun and lighthearted spring. These ideas are all easy to accomplish and will increase your enjoyment of your home and your time making memories together.

1. Make the backyard inviting. Sweep the back deck or patio and use a hose to rinse dirt off of patio furniture. Try rearranging it to create a new look. If your patio furniture looks beaten up by sun bleaching, you might be able to refresh it instead of replacing it and get more life and enjoyment out of it. You and your family can have fun in the process of a little DIY project. Hide the sun damage by repainting patio furniture. Go to a hardware store and look for spray can paint specifically for outdoor furniture. Dark browns, beige, and black are all good options for metal furniture with dings and bumps. Even plastic furniture can be refinished with the right paint choice. Replacing pillows on patio furniture will also give a stylish new life to your older furniture. Look for tropical prints or solid colors with ties to keep them securely fastened to your outdoor sofa or chairs. A fun outdoor rug can also center the furniture together and is easy to maintain.

2. Remember a little AC maintenance. While you’re out back, turn off your outdoor compressor and use the hose to clean it. Circular motions are best to get all dirt and debris out of the way from blocking its performance. Remember to also start changing filters on your indoor AC each month as frequent use means dust will accumulate faster and lower the air quality and performance. If your AC is more than 10 years old, see if air conditioner installation service in Gainesville, FL makes sense. Knowing your system can keep everyone cool all spring and summer long without breakdowns will definitely keep everyone feeling happier and more relaxed.

3. Make bedrooms bright. Wash linens including bedspreads for spring and wash windows to let in light. Add a neatly folded lightweight throw blanket to the end of the bed for a hotel chic look.

4. Plan fun adventures. So often we forget to enjoy all of the activities including local art museums, natural beauty, parks, and attractions because they are right by us each day. With the family involved, brainstorm what you would tell someone visiting the area to see and do. Pick some of those activities to do together and enjoy on the weekends. Come home to comfort and relax.

Crystal Air & Water, Inc. can help you with maintenance and air conditioner installation service in Gainesville, FL while you get ready for spring. Call us today at 352-333-0460.