The Importance of Proper AC Maintenance

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August 4, 2016
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August 5, 2016

Crystal Air and Water, Inc. has been offering reliable HVAC services to customers for years. Our dedicated team of professionals services the Gainsville and surrounding areas. We provide honest service in the air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality areas so you can have a home that is comfy at all times. In order to get the best out of your Ac unit you must ensure that it is properly installed and maintained routinely, thereafter. You also need to make sure that you only use the services of HVAC professionals, so you can rely on excellent and reliable service, on time, every time.

Residential AC maintenance High Springs FL

Your AC unit works hard all year round, but especially when temperatures are very high. Like all equipment that is regularly used, it needs to be taken care of. If you do not take care of it, you are bound to experience problems with it eventually. In some cases, it may be sooner rather than later. The Professionals at Crystal Air and Water, Inc. are able to deliver exactly the kind of maintenance service you need, in order to keep your AC unit in tip top shape all year round.

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

When it comes to maintenance of your AC, there are several areas that need to be addressed. It will firstly need to be cleaned, this includes the outside of the unit as well as all coils on the inside. Thereafter, wiring and electrical connections will be checked for any signs of damage or trouble. Then, the parts that move will be lubricated and the coolant will be checked. A professional technician from Crystal Air and Water, Inc. will finally check that the AC unit is functioning at its optimum best. If not they will provide effective solutions for you.