Kinds of Air Conditioning Systems Commercial Spaces Need

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The air conditioning system is an invention that certainly makes the world a better place. From small coffee shops to entire shopping malls, having good ventilation and air conditioning in any commercial space is always a good investment for businesses. A better way to put it, perhaps, would be that they would be bound to fail if their employees or customers don’t feel comfortable in the premises. Sounds about right, no?

In this article, we will be talking about the three kinds of air conditioning systems that are suited for commercial spaces.

To meet a wide array of applications and functions, different kinds of air conditioning systems have their own cooling and heating capabilities. They also come in different shapes and sizes that you can consult with commercial AC services high Springs FL.

The main kinds of commercial air conditioning systems are:

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) System

This kind of air conditioning technology was originally developed by a leading air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin, coined as the “VRV” and was later on patented in order to prevent other competing manufacturers from stealing the concept. This is why it has an alternate name–the VRF.

The VRF air conditioning system is great for commercial spaces that are medium to large in size. This includes retail stores, hotels, multi-function buildings, and larger offices.

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Experts in commercial AC services high Springs FL confirm that businesses in the area rely on these air conditioning systems because they are incredibly reliable, easy to operate, and extremely efficient. It is also capable of meeting the ventilation requirements of larger buildings. Aside from this, they do not require regular installation and maintenance, promoting smoother business operations all year-round.

Single Split Air Conditioning System

This kind of air conditioning system is the least costly among the three and is perfect for small commercial spaces, such as small offices, coffee shops, and server rooms. It is installed with two parts: an indoor and outdoor unit.

You can also have this system centralized to regulate the temperature of all the rooms in the building. The main unit will have to sit outdoors or in an isolated area since it will generate a lot of noise.

Despite being the cheapest kind of air-conditioning system, the single split is both energy efficient and effective. It is versatile, which makes it ideal for many applications.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

This kind of air conditioning system works almost the same as the single split. The difference is that some models can attach up to ten indoor units to a single outdoor unit. These systems are ideal for medium-sized commercial spaces, such as multi-level shops, offices, restaurants, and clinics.

If you don’t have much outdoor space, or if you prefer a cleaner, and uncluttered building facade, it is always better to stick to fewer outdoor units. This is one distinguishing advantage of the multi-split compared to the single-split.

On the other hand, multi-splits are a bit more complex in terms of pipework and installation, which costs more and takes longer.


These three kinds of air conditioning systems all share a single technology. But they have their own distinct layouts and applications. It’s all just a matter of finding out which one is most suitable for your commercial space plans.

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