Preparing Your HVAC System for Spring

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February 21, 2017
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residential ac services in High Springs, FL

Make sure you’re ready for the warmer spring months ahead by following this list of HVAC to-dos. Crystal Air & Water, Inc. is locally renowned and a registered installer for all the major brands including Rheem, Trane, York, Mitsubishi and more. When it comes to residential ac services in High Springs, FL, we are a trusted local business. Use this list to get your AC ready for spring.

     1Take a closer look.

It’s important to do an overall visual inspection of your air conditioner or HVAC unit. Make sure to not only look at indoor components if you have an outdoor compressor. Look for rust or corrosion on the unit. These are signs your air conditioner may need help and shouldn’t be left ignored. Standing water is another sign you could have a condensate drain blocked or in need of repair. Moisture stains on equipment or signs of overheating are also issues that indicate your AC is in need of repair.

  1. Do your part as homeowner.

Every month, when you’re using your AC frequently, you should be changing your air filter and checking for debris and dust buildup. One strategy that makes this job easier is to buy multiple filters when you visit the hardware store. Stash them close by your air conditioner and program a reminder on your phone calendar to make sure it gets done. Changing your air filter is one of the most crucial steps to preserving the lifespan of your air conditioner. When escaped dirt and debris gets past your filter and builds up over time, it creates extra friction and wear on your system and causes breakdowns and repair issues.

residential ac services in High Springs

  1. Check your Insulation & Sealing around the home.

Leaks in ductwork can result in decreased in energy efficiency. Make sure to go around the home and do a visual inspection of your ductwork. Hold your hand close over ducts to see if it feels like air is escaping. Check for drafts around windows and doors in the house and see if you need to install weather stripping. Small changes like these add up to retaining more of the air conditioning you want to keep in your home and save money. Look at electrical wiring, plugs, outlets, and holes for piping around the house. Adding caulking and sealing these areas will help make your house more air-tight. Check your attic or basement for insulation. If your home is older, the insulation used at the time might not be doing very much to keep your home comfortable. You could do a home energy audit or hire a professional to get more specifics on how to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Getting your home ready for spring means having reliably comfortable air conditioning on the ready. If you notice your air conditioner is due for maintenance or you need any kind of residential ac services in High Springs, FL, give Crystal Air & Water, Inc. a call at 352-333-0460.