Split or Window AC? 5 Factors to Consider

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March 16, 2017
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March 16, 2017

AC installation service in Gainesville

Picking the Right AC for winter to Summer Transition

Officially spring has arrived in Florida, and most cities are enjoying a pleasant weather where temperature is typically hovering between 43°F and 90°F. Particularly Gainesville has a warm and humid climate almost throughout the year with hot summers and no dry season.

Despite having all kinds of forests, grasslands, lakes and rivers, the weather conditions in Gainesville seem to be warmer than many U.S cities. During the summer, you need an air conditioner to get relief from the heat. If your old AC is not working properly, and you are thinking to buy a new one, maybe this is the right time.

When purchasing an air conditioner you may get confused as to which one to buy between a window and split AC. There several reasons why split air conditioners are a better choice over windows air conditioner. However, it depends on your priority and budget. When it comes to installation, contact an HVAC contractor for AC installation service in Gainesville, FL.

AC installation service in Gainesville, FL

Difference between Window and Split AC

Window and Split are two air conditioners with different size, and this is important when taking into account the indoor space at your home. If there is not enough space to install a split AC, it’s better to pick a window AC.

The basic difference between these two types of air conditioners is that a window AC has all the components in one unit including a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and others. Usually, a split AC with the same capacity costs more than a window AC.

A split conditioner, on the other hand, is divided into two separate units where both compressor and condenser are the part of an external or outdoor unit. The internal unit has the evaporative part which is calledIndoor Unit.”

People, who live in apartments, often face space crunch when it comes to finding a large opening for window AC, and picking a split AC is the only option left to them. Keeping in mind these differences can help you choose the right product before hiring AC installation service in Gainesville, FL.

Five Factors to Consider

 The capacity and the cooling power is more in a split AC. Windows ACs are usually limited to 2 ton whereas split ACs don’t have such restriction.

  1. In terms of cooling efficiency, split ACs are better as they cool rooms faster compared to window ACs that are installed in a specific place.
  1. If you have a large room that is more than 400 sq. ft, buying a split AC is a better option as a window AC can’t evenly cool that much space. The advantage of having a split AC is that you can increase the external unit size helps in cooling a large room as well.
  1. Split air conditioners are nearly noise-free and ideal for cooling indoor space. However, a window AC lacks in this aspect because they don’t have the reciprocating compressor that is fitted within the AC.
  1. Split ACs consume lesser energy, which results in lower energy bills. On top of it, these air conditioners can be connected to a thermostat that helps in adjusting the cooling system when the temperature is high or low.

Closing Words

When buying a suitable air conditioner, you can also consult an experienced AC technician for better input. For consultation and AC installation service in Gainesville, FL, call us at 352-333-0460, and one of our expert technicians will visit your place and take care of your specific cooling needs.