Why Preventive Maintenance Will Keep Your Costs Down Despite The Florida Heat?

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January 18, 2017
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February 21, 2017

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Almost every air conditioning unit out there is designed to weather the elements brought about by our intense heat, for a while. To ensure that you have a cool room to sleep in at night, and a living room to enjoy those breaks from the heat you’ll need to do what’s necessary to maintain your unit’s high performance. Many customers like yourself have been coming to Crystal Air & Water Inc. for commercial AC services High Springs, FL for a long time. This is because we understand the best methods to keep your air conditioning running efficiently in the sort of weather conditions we live in all year round. Let us explain what we do in more detail.

How The Heat Makes Your Unit Work Harder?

Quite simply, the more your air conditioning unit has to work in order to keep your home cool, the more stress it could put on your system. The most important parts of your unit are the coils, the compressor, and of course the thermostat. As the unit churns more air, it will expel more and more heat that needs to take outside of your home. So now imagine what happens when your unit hasn’t been maintained for a while. The coils and other internal components have probably gotten dirtier and dirtier as each summer month has gone by. Now your unit has to get through this debris to expel the heat, but more and more of the heat can’t be expelled. Now it’s absorbed by your ac unit.

commercial AC services High Springs, FL

Does Switching The Unit Off & On Hurt It At All?

So you may have noticed that the unit is not as cool as it used to be when you set it to lower temperatures. This may be because of a miscalibrated thermostat, and an air compressor that is trapped performing “short cycles.” This means that the fuse for the outside condensing unit will trip on and off. This increases the amount of energy your system needs to function, and thus creates more heat. Regular commercial AC service in High Springs, FL will prevent these short cycles and make sure your unit is cooling your home when it should be, but not having this performed will create even more heat that could damage your unit.

Problems You Can Avoid With Regular Maintenance

Without having an HVAC tech come by regularly to inspect and check your unit, the Florida heat and the heat we just described up above can create some serious problems like the following:

  • Dirty coils that can no longer expel the heat from your home
  • Blocked suction lines that further increase the heat and pressure on your system
  • A lack of refrigerant caused by holes or breaks in the system
  • Electrical problems due to a buildup of contaminant acids left lingering in the unit

All of this ultimately means that postponing regular preventative maintenance can make your unit breakdown. So call us at 352-333-0460 if you’d like for one of us here at Crystal Air & Water Inc. to inspect your unit, and make sure none of these problems can occur in your system.